Saturday, December 04, 2004

IPod Min vs Creative Zen Macro?

Went to Sitex recently to try out the new stuff Creative Technology came out to combat the IPod Mini. Looks really sleek and nice, and solve one of major problem of IPods (whichever version), which, is the lack of a battery compartment to allow changing of batteries. In Sitex, me and my girlfriend went to the Mac booth to toy around with the IPod Mini for a while before proceeding to Creative's Booth. If there is only one word to describe the IPod (Mini and the like), Splendid. The design, color, control and misc, just everything a perfect portable MP3 should have, well, except for the battery life which is sorta like miles behind, and the price tag (duh)... In the Creative's Booth, there is this BIG banner about the Zen Macro, an Array display of the various color of the Zen Macro, and a Pack of Humans clustered around the Zen MacroTest drive section. Well, looks promising, considering the spect, it solve most of the major drawback of the IPod. After pushing and bashing and bumping :P, we finally get to try out the Zen Macro. First impression: Plasticy piece of ***, then comes the navigation part. While I was trying to make my way around the list of menu items and songs in the device, I notice one of the most serious design flaw, a rather annoying flaw, not something that would jeoprodize the operation of the device, but it's basically a pain in the ar** to operate... the touch scroll control is totally out. I've tried to scroll and it ends up being a click, and when I initiated a click, it become a scroll (duh). Thou for the attractive price, and it really solve the battery problem of the IPod, the Zen Macro is not something I would recomend. Well, the conclusion me and my girlfriend had was... IPod still rules~~!!... and here's a couple of links, u decide Zen Macro vs IPod Mini


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