Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill~~

Have you ever wander why is there such a hype about the Mac's IPod, and how it is making it's way into everyone's To Buy List? Well, have the same question popping in my mind all the time...

Here's a glymsp of the IPod community in Microsoft -> Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service Service Pack 2 is OUT~~

Finally, after so many months of waiting, Reporting Service SP2 finally came out. Sorta excited. Praying hard that it will solve all my problems and limitation I had encounter in the previous SP1...

For those of you who are interested, you can download it here

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Happiest day of the month...

have slowly draw upon its dawn hours by hours, as I eagarly awaits for it's arrival, glancing endlessly toward the upper left corner of my screen (yes I have to taskbar placed upward). Endless days of misery every months, all for this one day... the last day of the month when I see the amount appear on the ATM Machine's LCD screen :D... the always so little monthly paycheque...

After months and months of the official full version of Mozilla Firefox's launch, now we are seeing microsoft's in for the salvage... Internet Explorer 7~!... it is said:" Microsoft has shared publicly that IE 7.0 will be focused primarily on improving security"... but I wander... for more information go "Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Details Begin to Leak "

Will IE 7 trive over the ever popular Mozilla Firefox? will Microsoft regain the "The Most Favorable Browser" award? will IE again, be microsoft Seed to internet domination again?... hope not. For at least, I'm with firefox

Now repeat after me: Down with IE, Ablaize Firefox~! Down with IE, Ablaize Firefox~! Down with IE, Ablaize Firefox~! Down with IE, Ablaize Firefox~! Down with IE, Ablaize Firefox~!....................

Sunday, March 20, 2005

An Uneventful saturday...

begins today with a lazy morning, followed by meeting up with joey for a late breakfast, and a trip down to JB to meet old friends.

My gf's not around this weekend so I told myself, hei, why not just linger around with some friends, do some catch ups and begone with it?... well, meet up MoMo, Yong Shuang and Jessey in JB, had a good chat in one of the local cafe, and it was just nice to know everyone is still everyone.

Aparrently the coming monday is gonna be the hottest day around the year as the Idiocratic Earth revolve closest to the sun. I wander how I'm gonna survive the heat of 40 degree celcius. I've decided, I'll isolate myself in my "Cosy" cubicle and begone with the outside world for a couple of days. Came back home from JB, and while ironing, CNA is broadcasting some footage on how big corporations are contributing to global warming and how people are ignorantly greatful with the efforts they are putting forwards? Capitalism is leading us nowhere but destruction, Communism is nothing better, now what? Humans wake up, pack up and let's all live in the forest with no internet access *duh*...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Singapore at night


Bridge at Fullerton Hotel at night, B+W picture with orange cast. F/22, 25sec, 24mm

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Odd mood today...

Spend the whole day setting out production server for my newly developed application, at PMO Site. Sql Reporting 真的害人不浅, a huge block of hours spend today is troubleshooting how to set up a SQL Reporting Service installation on a different machine than the Database server. This really annoys me, and the peak of the frustration is, instruction documents from Microsoft websites actually have instructional errors, which, leads to hours and hours of fiddling and fuddling...

PC Fair starts tomorrow at suntec, Canon is expected to launch it's new DSLR, the EOS 350D/Rebel XT. Successor to the EOS 300D/DRebel which I have, this new DSLR had created a big attention at the world of photography due to its reduce in weight and size. Personally, I do not like it, cos first of all, the resell value of my 300D dropped drastically, 2nd of all, it is still the old flimsy plasticky design...

Well, had someone schedule a viewing for my 300D this friday. Still contemplating to sell or not, prehaps get rid of my old DSLR before the price pludge too much, and get a EOS 20D later?... heck... To all of you out there thinking of hopping on to the DSLR bandwagon, think twice of you have swallow pockets, this hobby is gonna burn a hole and a lot outta ya... :D

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Just another boring weekend

First weekend of march. Just another boring weekend. The system that had me burn many weekends after CNY, to work on had finally commenced User Acceptance Test (UAT). It felt like a relief. Now all that's left is to complete the rest of the unfinish system related stuff...

Just went watch "Series of Unfortunate Events", a new movie by Jim Carey, with him as the evil guy. Pretty all right, nothing amazing. Now just finished the movie and came back home, log on to computer, and am staring into this screen wandering what am I doing on this boring weekend?... Life had been lifeless, motionless and directionless.

Shan had just forward me a 988 life radio link. Damn I miss the m'sia radio. There ain't no Cantonese station in singapore~! It's so freaking boring without cantonese radio station~!... what the hell is singapore government thinking?... xien.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dreaded March, seems so harsh...

March. Nothing particulary special to us normal people who drag our days through the regular 5 days work week, no it's not spring either cos it's forever summer here in singapore. No nothing to do with us code monkeys either, but the effect somehow escalate... *Sigh*...

March, is the the deadline most company have to spend their previous year budget. Tones and buns of project are rushing to wrap up before then so they can bill the customer. Project managers are jumping all around with a wip in their hands pressing us to work harder... *sign*... it's just a terrible month for us tormented salaried level...

Nothing much had been happening around me except the regular workdays. Meet up with an old friend who I haven't seen for 10 years and had a really good chat flashing back all those memories of yester-years. Than brings back the time when we were in this BMX frenzy. Times when us whole gang of BMX Bikers invade the streets before dawn, jumping ups and down road bumps and side walk, spining our bikes with all the freestyle moves we have, and towards the rise of the sun when cars slowly reclaim back their road, we hit the coffee shop for a early breakfast... those were the days...

Friday, February 18, 2005

So what exactly is marriage?...

Found this pretty humourous artical on one of the Forums around the net. No offences ladies, just some view of some extremelist I guess...


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Chinese New Years~!!

Didn't really notice, a year since had passed, and it is the time of the year again. Work particularry had been pretty hectic, cos I've to go back to Ipoh for chinese new year and I won't be around in the office for the whole week, tones of stuff to finish before I go off, these few days had been Particularry tiring and stressful. Nevertheless... things will eventually...

I'm getting excited, cos I'm going back home after a whole year being away, and that's not just it, this year would probably be particularry eventful... for the first time round, my whole family will be visiting relatives in China and we will be spending Chinese New Year in Guang Dong... An opportunity to travel is always welcoming over the hectical work days, particularry distance places where culture varies...

My bus will be leaving tomorrow night, expecting arrival in the following morning... yea... something to look forward to, going home and getting away from work... \:D/ Will probably be taking lotsa pictures thing time round, will be lugging around my tripod for the first time on travel. Just wandering how the lighweighted Carbon Fiber will help during travel?... Will upload more photos once I got back, so er, stay tune :D

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My first Moon shots

Did my first moon shots with Joey's EF 75-300mm f 4-5.6 at 300mm. Played around with the exposure settings for a while and got the correct after 3 shots or so. One very noticable problem is that the image captured doesn't seems as sharp as those posted by other people.

Next day, decided to check with daniel to borrow his EF 400mm f/5.6L USM with a Extender EF 1.4X. On that night, upon setting up my equipments n stuff, I tried to Manual Focus via the viewfinder and *Woosh* I was totally surprise to see the sharpness difference already... no doubt it is canon's Top of the range L Series Prime lenses... Took a few shots and add in the 1.4x TC moments later. I was actually expecting to see slight image degration with the TC, but No~!... the TC brought the moon closer, but MF is still tac sharp. Took a few more shots and am totally pursuaded that THIS L lens is really good ( or Joey's 75-300 is really bad ).

Below are some shots taken. All with Contrast and Brightness adjusted in camera for + 2 stops, and Level and curve adjusted and cropped in Photoshops.
Canon EOS 300D + EF 75-300mm f 4-5.6 mounted on an Acratech Ultimate ballhead on a Gitzo CF Tripod 1228

Image not sharp at all
Canon EOS 300D + EF 400mm f/5.6L USM mounted on an Acratech Ultimate ballhead on a Gitzo CF Tripod 1228

I can actually see the craters on the moon even using manual focus, no doubt one of the sharpest and cheapest Super Tele canon has.
Canon EOS 300D + EF 400mm f/5.6L USM + Extender EF 1.4X mounted on an Acratech Ultimate ballhead on a Gitzo CF Tripod 1228

With a 1.4x teleconverter mounted, the image is as sharp, no much image degration. It brought the moon much closer and make manual focus easier.
Canon EOS 300D + EF 400mm f/5.6L USM + Extender EF 1.4X mounted on an Acratech Ultimate ballhead on a Gitzo CF Tripod 1228

Same equipment, different exposure settings, but mostly around 1/400sec + F/8, plus minus 1/2 a stop in both shutter and appeture.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Quote of the day...

Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them. Every one must be challenged. A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us.

Maltbie D. Babcock (1858-1901) Clergyman

You have to be in the right place at the right time, but when it comes, you better have something on the ball.

Groucho Marx (1890-1977) Comedian

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hong Kong Trip

Arrival. 4 hours flight from Singapore. Excited, just can't wait to get to the city. Just ozzing around the airport looking for more information and where to go. Weather wasn't that cold, and was just hovering around a mere of 16 degrees celcus plus minus.
Some shots taken from the bus on the way to the city. To the right is one of HK's Government Flat, with at least 30+ floors... Just sorta make me wander how would it be like staying so high ups.
Nathan Road and Sai Yong Choi Street, both as Crowded as the Chinatown or Orchard Road in Singapore, Lotsa people doing their last minute shopping, many lingering around the city awaiting for the 31st Dec Countdown. Things around here are cheap, but hei they dun call HK shopping heaven for nothing...

Was pretty on a rush locating the few Camera shops with the address I've got. Manage to locate Wing Sheng, one of the reputable cam shops around, but they dun carry Gitzos'. Did some more walking and found Mang Sheng... I was lingering inside Mang Sheng checking out their cam stuff while my Gf went shopping in Espirit diagonally opposite. Got my Gitzo 1228 in Mang Sheng finally... but didn't get the use it cos can't find the appropriate ballhead for it... xien.
Yen, my Girlfriend. Most of my shots taken in HK have a composition of her. HK's a great place for a couple traveling free and easy. I'll say, there are things just for both of use to look around. Had a really enjoyable time together this trip :P
These pictures were taken on Nathan Road. Did I mention that the HK gov actually close down the whole stretch of Nathan Rd for New Years Eves?... I guess they HAVE to do it cos the crowds is so humongous that normal pedestrial path won't take the load. But besides the crowd, it is not squeezey at all, pretty unlike christmas in singapore where everyone crowd around orchard road pedestrial path and u can barely get from Point A to Point B.

Far Left: Me, taken by my gf, Result of Handshake. Point is, DSLR is not suitable for girls with weak hands... Left: my gf.
Crowds on Nathan Rd. Pretty interesting don't you think? if the entire nation of HK went on riot against china for communism, nay, don't think tat's what china wannna go, that's why you see this new One-Country-Two-System facade going on now... HK is still pretty much HK after 1997, thou many places start accepting RMB, some even provide 1:1 exchange against HKD...
Pic 1: A Shopping center with all the porshey brands. Nope didn't went it cos recon if even they offer a 50% discount on the goods, I won't be able to afford it. It's a pretty striking building along the way from Nathan Rd to Starlight Harbour

Pic 2: Did you English Teacher never teach you don't translate directly?...lolx
After dinner, we recon we could take a walk to the harbour, so we walk and walk and walk along nathan road, total distance is approx to 4 MRT Stops. My Legs were so sour.

Pic 1: Tired. Resting in the Middle of the road in the blistering cold. We are at Starlight Harbour, didn't manage to get in cos of the crowd, thou did get a glimps of the magnificient Skyscrapers in HK Island from there.

Pic 2: The Crowds from Nathan Rd is still amazing... and it's all flowing towards Starlight Harbour... many were expecting fireworks... but aparently fireworks was called off to mourn for the tsunami victims. No Complaints, and I silently pray for them...
Day 2, Didn't manage to get to Starlight harbour yesterday so that's what we did the second day... had a good view of HK island. The Crowds around there are still a lot, lotsa tour bus parked beside the road.

Pic 1: I had the Skyscrapers of HK Island behind me, shot taken on starlight harbour.

Pic 2: My Gf, standing in front of the Science Center just next to starlight harbour.
Same location: Starlight Harbour.

Pic 1: Skyscraper from HK Island with the evening sun reflecting from the buildings. Damn I forgot to bring my CPL... else would have gotten a much better shots...

Pic 2: Me and me gf, Yen, same place. pic taken by another photographer. I saw tat guy using a SLR also, therefore rekon he can handle it. The result: Good...
The Clock Tower next to the Starlight Harbour and Starlight Pathway...
Left and Far Left: Statue on Starlight Pathway. Seems to symbolize something related to the movie/entertainment industry. It have the same style as the statue for the grammy, thou the post is different...

Top Left and Top Far Left: Silhouette. Skyscrapers from HK Island casting their shadows longer and longer as the sun sets lower and lower.

Top: My gf against the silhouetted skyscrapers.
We took the ferry to central from Staylight harbour. The fare: approx SGD$2. Pretty old type of ferry that had been running the commutting between the two lands way before bridges were built.

Far Left: Buildings from HK Island fromm the Ferry.

Left: My Gf on the ferry... :P
Ok now, why are we heading to central? well, actually it is not a destination but a path... :P we have to take bus 2xx from Central Station to reach The Peak( Tai Ping Shan ). Oh yea, did I mention is was the coldest winder in HK today?... avg of 6-12 degrees, and on The Peak, it was around avg of <6 I guess.

Far Left: Visitors, Sighseers and Photographers, all cramp along the side of the shopping center balcony to get a glimps of HK's Night Cityscape.

Left: Well, there we are at the Peak... me? of course holding the camera lar..:P
Top all: cityscape night scene from The Peak. Me Tripod not usable yet therefore manage to borrow a small lightweighted tripod from one of the photo shotter there... luckily my 300D + Grip + 24-70 F2.8L + 420Ex did not cripple the tripod...

Far Left, Left: Nightscene portrait shots. Was super cold up there, my gf can't really stand it, have to use the hood for wind insulation... the shots without, she tot it was prettier without the
Far Left, Left: Coffee after a cold encounter on the balcony on the peak at Pacific Coffee...
On the way back to Mongkok. Took the MTR Instead of the ferry to avoid the wind... Super hungry, just can't wait to get back to Mongkok for dinner. This concludes the day.

Top All: The H.U.G.E Central MTR Interchange station. Took the Tsui Wai Line up to Mongkok.

Left All: Me and my gf on the MTR, I do look tired don't I?...
More to come...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Apple have done it again~!

Apple have been a pioneer in computing lifestyle with their series of Mac with their sleek and elegant design all these years, and lately with the announcement of the new Mini Mac... considering jumping on a Mac wagon now...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Sims 2 Hacks Spread Like Viruses?

The famous Sims 2, the successor of the well acclaimed The Sims, have a serious bug. Those of you who have applied the Hack, would have notice odd behaviour in your items. This article from securityfocus have the details. In sort, the problem of this hack arrise when you start to use the Sims 2 Exchange to exchange and share items and download stuff... the hack/virus get downloaded to your local Sims 2 as well, ruining your existing creation...

Software Giant has acquired Giant Software

A recent tech news update from William Tay NCS... "Microsoft has recently acquired Giant Software, a maker of Anti-Spyware software. They have successfully integrated both technologies and the result is available for downloads in BETA form. In other words, dont use this on a production system yet ! Check it out here." Another big step for microsoft to global domination~!... and sooner or later you'll read news about some AntiSpyware companies coming together and sue microsoft for monopoly, infringing the Anti Trust law or something. Then again when you look at it from another aspect, it does make logical sense, just like we try to make logical sense of everything, and the fact that the worlds revolves around logic, even the soft side of human, can be logically explained, that the ultimate beneficiaries are us comsumers or piracy consumers because many of us can't really be bother to lookout for AntiSpyware. Cos it ain't no huge noticable impact having your PC infected by spyware. Let's see how it goes from here cos I"m kinda tired hunting down Spyware in my PC and doing a full search of the registry and restart and installing firewall software... Speaking of firewall, the original Windows firewall from win Xp Service Pack 2 just ain't doing the job I wanted... no outbound blocking/tracking?... I still stick to ZoneAlarm...


Today finally got my tripod set completed, took a few long exposure shots outside and the result were great, and after so long having my DSLR, today is the first time I've use bulb mode, at 120 sec, F/22, the result, splendid. Just manage to get my tripod legs in HK last week, a set of Gitzo 1228 Carbon fiber tripod legs. It was a disappointment thou cos I can't find the Ballhead I wanted in HK. After spoken to several camera shops, found out that Singapore is the only distributor for Acratech Ultimate Ballhead... xien... the initial idea of taking cityscape night scene from THE PEAK just evaporated. Today finally manage to get hold of a Wimberly P-5 Camera Plate, and a Acratech Ultimate Ballhead from shops in singapore, and now, got a full working tripod liao.. yea...~! Still have yet to get the HK photos in yet. Busy work schedule, gonna submit FS this monday and tomorrow night have a meeting at 7:30PM... manz... xien... hopefully this project will go well.