Friday, January 07, 2005


Today finally got my tripod set completed, took a few long exposure shots outside and the result were great, and after so long having my DSLR, today is the first time I've use bulb mode, at 120 sec, F/22, the result, splendid. Just manage to get my tripod legs in HK last week, a set of Gitzo 1228 Carbon fiber tripod legs. It was a disappointment thou cos I can't find the Ballhead I wanted in HK. After spoken to several camera shops, found out that Singapore is the only distributor for Acratech Ultimate Ballhead... xien... the initial idea of taking cityscape night scene from THE PEAK just evaporated. Today finally manage to get hold of a Wimberly P-5 Camera Plate, and a Acratech Ultimate Ballhead from shops in singapore, and now, got a full working tripod liao.. yea...~! Still have yet to get the HK photos in yet. Busy work schedule, gonna submit FS this monday and tomorrow night have a meeting at 7:30PM... manz... xien... hopefully this project will go well.


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