Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Giveaway

It's Christmas day, not snowing here in Singapore. How I wish Singapore were situated somewhere near the north polar circle where... you'll probably see sparkling white snowflake dancing in the air with the acquaintance dazzeling wind, snow covered cars parked by the street that shape a odd dome, people pack up with layers of jacket and everyone is as plummish... well, you get the picture. Cool weather, layers of jacket, daily tempreture difference of over 20 degrees... I miss Melbourne, althou, it wasn't that long period of time that I was there, but a mere two years are enought for memories to last. And yes it doesn't snow in Melbourne this time of the year, being near the Southern polar circle, it's just freaking hot this time of the year. I just miss the cold weather during winter, and the fun of dashing down the slope on a snowboarding, especially when doing the blackrun where... thing might just spurn outta control, but that's what you would probably want when snowboarding, everything but control, the feeling to just loose it and let it flow and glide along, swirl whichever direction to your desire, make a sharp turn, glide your hand on the snow and make a wave of snow fly up ( to splash upon whichever unlucky soul to be in the way... ), and last but not least, just tip and fall and have yer head down in the snow with yer board on yer feet... tat, is what I call life. Things had been slow in work, my computer in the office is starting to give way and just hang whenever I run a Web application of my Local IIS, maybe this calls for a reinstall or reformat... however I'll just leave that to monday, and just celebrate this festive season by shopping my money away... and of course, a little bit something to share with everyone, I have 10 gmail invites to giveaway. Interested? Leave your name and your email address in my doodle-board or Gmail me at and I'll get back to you... maybe latest before 31st Dec, that is, before I fly off to HK for a 4 days vacation... If you are using Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo! Mail, here's a little present that you would probably appreciate... Merry Christmas everyone, and have a fabulous new years ahead... Disclaimer: I reserved the rights to sent GMail invites to whoever I like. and Please don't hate me if I dun sent gmail invites to you... it's Christmas day...


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