Monday, December 27, 2004

Some Yesterday's news and gossips...

"Once hyped, the traditional PDA today faces declining sales and growing competition from smartphones" - tomshardware-The PDA, an endangered species. Are PDA really dying off nowadays? with the emerging of Pocket PC adn smartphones, PDA's functionality is fully integrated within these new devices. Will PDA being an Island itself, be able to survive the rush of all these new gadgets in the market? Well, personally, I won't buy a PDA cos' I have everything I need in my handphone minus the touch screen. But then again, prehaps we shall see a whole new range of PDA soon enought?... Will Mozilla Firefox dominate the IE market? well there are quite a bit of issues with it, especially when you can't use Windowsupdate website with mozilla firefox cos microsoft is using lotsa COM+ and ActiveX stuff with their Windowsupdate. Here's some article about Firefox's weakness: Firefox的致命弱点 在新一年中需要解决的问题 Some Movie Reviews: 功夫/KungFu Hustle 天下无贼/a World Without Thieves Some Gadgets Review: The Zen Micro: Creative Guns for the iPod (Again)


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