Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Chinese New Years~!!

Didn't really notice, a year since had passed, and it is the time of the year again. Work particularry had been pretty hectic, cos I've to go back to Ipoh for chinese new year and I won't be around in the office for the whole week, tones of stuff to finish before I go off, these few days had been Particularry tiring and stressful. Nevertheless... things will eventually...

I'm getting excited, cos I'm going back home after a whole year being away, and that's not just it, this year would probably be particularry eventful... for the first time round, my whole family will be visiting relatives in China and we will be spending Chinese New Year in Guang Dong... An opportunity to travel is always welcoming over the hectical work days, particularry distance places where culture varies...

My bus will be leaving tomorrow night, expecting arrival in the following morning... yea... something to look forward to, going home and getting away from work... \:D/ Will probably be taking lotsa pictures thing time round, will be lugging around my tripod for the first time on travel. Just wandering how the lighweighted Carbon Fiber will help during travel?... Will upload more photos once I got back, so er, stay tune :D


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