Friday, January 07, 2005

Software Giant has acquired Giant Software

A recent tech news update from William Tay NCS... "Microsoft has recently acquired Giant Software, a maker of Anti-Spyware software. They have successfully integrated both technologies and the result is available for downloads in BETA form. In other words, dont use this on a production system yet ! Check it out here." Another big step for microsoft to global domination~!... and sooner or later you'll read news about some AntiSpyware companies coming together and sue microsoft for monopoly, infringing the Anti Trust law or something. Then again when you look at it from another aspect, it does make logical sense, just like we try to make logical sense of everything, and the fact that the worlds revolves around logic, even the soft side of human, can be logically explained, that the ultimate beneficiaries are us comsumers or piracy consumers because many of us can't really be bother to lookout for AntiSpyware. Cos it ain't no huge noticable impact having your PC infected by spyware. Let's see how it goes from here cos I"m kinda tired hunting down Spyware in my PC and doing a full search of the registry and restart and installing firewall software... Speaking of firewall, the original Windows firewall from win Xp Service Pack 2 just ain't doing the job I wanted... no outbound blocking/tracking?... I still stick to ZoneAlarm...


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