Saturday, March 05, 2005

Just another boring weekend

First weekend of march. Just another boring weekend. The system that had me burn many weekends after CNY, to work on had finally commenced User Acceptance Test (UAT). It felt like a relief. Now all that's left is to complete the rest of the unfinish system related stuff...

Just went watch "Series of Unfortunate Events", a new movie by Jim Carey, with him as the evil guy. Pretty all right, nothing amazing. Now just finished the movie and came back home, log on to computer, and am staring into this screen wandering what am I doing on this boring weekend?... Life had been lifeless, motionless and directionless.

Shan had just forward me a 988 life radio link. Damn I miss the m'sia radio. There ain't no Cantonese station in singapore~! It's so freaking boring without cantonese radio station~!... what the hell is singapore government thinking?... xien.


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