Sunday, March 20, 2005

An Uneventful saturday...

begins today with a lazy morning, followed by meeting up with joey for a late breakfast, and a trip down to JB to meet old friends.

My gf's not around this weekend so I told myself, hei, why not just linger around with some friends, do some catch ups and begone with it?... well, meet up MoMo, Yong Shuang and Jessey in JB, had a good chat in one of the local cafe, and it was just nice to know everyone is still everyone.

Aparrently the coming monday is gonna be the hottest day around the year as the Idiocratic Earth revolve closest to the sun. I wander how I'm gonna survive the heat of 40 degree celcius. I've decided, I'll isolate myself in my "Cosy" cubicle and begone with the outside world for a couple of days. Came back home from JB, and while ironing, CNA is broadcasting some footage on how big corporations are contributing to global warming and how people are ignorantly greatful with the efforts they are putting forwards? Capitalism is leading us nowhere but destruction, Communism is nothing better, now what? Humans wake up, pack up and let's all live in the forest with no internet access *duh*...


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